Metaxas & Sins

Metaxas & Sins are known for their captivating designs which truly are works of art. Hand made by the legendary Kostas Metaxas and his two engineer sons, the company create iconic, high specification products that are as visually arresting as they are impressive quality. We are incredibly proud to partner with this great brand and to bring it to the UK.

The partnership of Audiophile’s Clinic and Metaxas & Sins and celebrates a marriage of sound and artistry through incredible sound and craftsmanship to bring you another way to lose yourself in sound. Kostas Metaxas is famed for breaking boundaries and constantly innovating. Never one to create something boring, his designs defy convention. Iconic, beautiful and timeless aesthetics collide with audio artistry for state of the art, sculptural pieces which have become Metaxas' signature.

To make an enquiry, contact Petronel directly,  view the brochure, or visit to learn more. 

Metaxas & Sins with the Audiophile's Clinic will be touring a handful of events in the UK over the coming months, premiering a new exclusive design at each event. Our next event is the Audio Show in September, where you'll be able to meet Kostas Metaxas and experience the range in person.

Your invitation

Mr Kostas Metaxas & Mr Petronel Butuc
would like to cordially invite you to

the UK Premiere of The MARQUIS Memento Mori Headphone amplifier


Macrophone Monitor Speakers

Along with the Metaxas & Sins range, including samples of Kostas' personal collection of Master Tapes on NAGRA IV-S and NAGRA T recorders

 Whitehouse - ashbrook,  old windsor, berkshire, 21 & 22 october 2017

Saturday 10AM - 6pm           Sunday 10AM - 4pm

Metaxas Marquis Memento Mori Headphone Pre-Amplifier

This eccentric artist presents us with his unique take on a very utilitarian subject - the headphone amplifier. Combining a historic art oevre - 'memento mori', contemporary sculpture with cutting-edge technology, his latest MARQUIS 'Memento mori' is a sublime, minimalist Preamplifier-Headphone amplifier designed for music-loving audiophiles who require few functions but insist on the purest sound.

Let’s be honest with ourselves - how many times can we admit that we have been so intrigued by an audio product that we just stare at it in awe?
— Matthew Jens,


The MARQUIS borrows from over 25 years of concert recording experience with serious headphone monitoring to produce an amplifier with unparalleled transparency and effortless realism.

Like all Metaxas & Sins amplifiers, the CNC-machined head block can be meticulously finished in a choice of 10 aluminium colours, or automotive painted. As well as a dedicated headphone amplifier and headphone stand, the MARQUIS also can be used as a minimalist preamplifier with a choice of 2 line-level inputs [RCA connectors] and a set of RCA outputs to connect to a power amplifier to drive a pair of speakers.

experience the Metaxas Marquis Memento Mori

Meet us at the Hi-Fi Show in Old Windsor on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 October.