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Some of the features and attributes that made the machine very special include:


  • Double capstan machine with ruby tape head contact Sensor. The machine monitored the tape path and would adjust tape / head contact to always be proper.
  • Machine calculated distortion and added back an exact anti-distortion signal to maximize signal quality.
  • High headroom electronics, the machine still had very low distortion at +15.
  • Super accurate jog wheel and tape scissors. Find your edit point and then hit a button which moved the tape to the exact scissors cutting position.
  • Laboratory quality library wind.
  • Superb TACO M1 Meter bridge with VU and peak meters and monitor speakers. 
  • High dynamic range machine. With Dolby SR, signal-to-noise ratio exceeded 99dB-greater than DAT tape.




Studer A80-VU ii, STUDIO MASTER 2 channel, HIGH SPEED half track, quarter inch

Very well PRESERVED, 647 hours of use


Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate, 265 lbs. (120 kg).


Price: POA




Very well preserved, AUDIO PATH fully refurbished, heads in perfect conditions



Original box, manual and accessories. Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate, 176 lbs. (80 kg) per crate.







Introduced in 1976, the EMT 950 Schallplatten-Wiedergabe-Maschine is a formidable machine indeed. Built without any compromise in matters of cost, weight, size and aesthetics, it was introduced in two types, ‘Standard’, (‘950’, 693 millimeters wide) with controls on the left side of the disc, and a ‘Narrowline Model’ (‘950 E’ or ‘Schmale Ausführung’, 519 mm wide, 573 mm deep, introduced at the end of 1977) conceived for less spacious studios; the ‘narrowline’ 950 had the same controls, but its pushbuttons were all lined up in the front panel. Starting time at 33 rpm was 200 milliseconds, and, just pushing a button, the record would rotate backwards to find the beginning of a track: the user could monitor the cueing with the inbuilt speaker. Both machines could be mounted on their own ‘legs’ or in a console; the shock absorber frame was built-in. In stock form, whichever the cabinet, the ‘950’ had three speeds (33, 45 and 78 rpm) with automatic selection of 33 or 45 at the raising of the central adapter for the smaller records, a ‘929’ arm in stock aluminium finish with brass or black counterweight and a ‘TSD15’ Tondose with ‘4 150 056’ transformers on the equalizer board ‘7 950 038’ or ‘7 950 088’ board (‘9 950 110’ or ‘narrow’ ‘9 950 210’). It was possible to order a tailor-made 950 to suit any professional need, provided that the customer could pay the extremely high prices of this machine. In 1976, 15.000 Deutsche Marks was the basic list price of a 950.

Original manual. Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate, 176 lbs. (80 kg) per crate.




DENON DH 710F     PROFESSIONAL Stereo Tape Recorder, 1/4", 2/4-track 2-channel, 2 speed

Mr. Tim dE Paravicini's favorite machine - Professional Tape recorder 

It is DH-710F which further enhanced the performance of full-fledged high-performance open deck DH-710S developed by DENON for audiophiles, continuing to build broadcasting machines and business machines.
The transport of DH-710F is a 2-capstan drive system with direct drive, by adopting electronic tension servo which gives ideal conditions for tape, to achieve stable tape running, and also consideration for tape safety doing.
DENON's latest technology is also used for heads, recording and playback amplifiers, operability, etc. We have adopted a continuous variable adjustment method of bias and equalizer which makes maximum use of the characteristics of tapes in particular.
The DH-710F pursuing higher performance realizes modulation noise, wow and flutter reduction, high SN ratio, low distortion ratio, and performs very high fidelity recording and playback, so advanced audio mania, I am convinced that music fans will be satisfied satisfactorily.

Highly reliable mechanism that lives technology and experience of business machines

Direct drive 2 Capstan method
The capstan drive adopts a 2-capstan drive system with a sub-capstan coupled with this capstan motor shaft and a non-elastic belt, which is a direct drive system based on a servo system adopting a magnetic recording playback system for speed detection I will.
Therefore, it is stable against fluctuations in tape tension and fluctuation of large load at the time of rise, and features such as wah / flutter (0.02% wrms or less, 38 cm / s) and modulation noise are also excellent.

Adoption of electronic tension servo
By adopting the tension servo, keep back tension at the time of recording and playing constant, and keep head touch more stable.
As a result, there is no change in tape speed due to winding diameter of supply side tape, increase in wah / flutter and modulation noise.
Even during fast winding, the tape tension is kept constant, and it is wound on a reel with moderate hardness.

Rational traveling system that does not corrode the tape
The tape running system between the left and right tension arms is designed to be as linear as possible.
Moreover, except for the head, all parts except for the head are made to be special guide rollers, and one-way air damper is adopted as a tension arm to prevent excessive tension at the start. This made it easier to manipulate the tape, and the tape stain was drastically reduced.


Tape running section

  • Adopted newly developed DENON senddust head

Denon adopted newly developed Sendust alloy head (track width 2.1 mm), so S / N at playback is further improved, and we maintain stable performance even for long time use.
Since the reproducing head is finished in a special shape, the shape effect at 38 cm / s is reduced, and the distortion rate characteristics are also improved with high-performance recording / reproducing amplifiers.

  • Easy-to-use queuing mechanism

When fast-forwarding or rewinding, the tape can be brought closer to the playhead, so you can find the part recorded by the playback sound, which is useful for editing the tape and locating the playback sound.

Recording / playback amplifier designed based on business machine criteria
1) Recording amplifier with wide dynamic range and sufficient margin against the reference level
Since the maximum output level of the recording amplifier using the push-pull circuit has a margin of 30 dB or more (1 kHz) with respect to the reference level like the business machine, distortion due to the saturation of the recording amplifier is recorded , Almost none.
2) Playback volume whose standard playback level can be set
By adjusting the playback knob to the reference position (click stop) of the long line, you can check the recording level and playback level. (0 VU, 0.775 V output)
3) You can set optimum bias amount and recording equalizer characteristics
Since it adopts the continuous variable method of the bias amount and the recording equalizer characteristic, it is possible to set the optimum bias amount and equalizer characteristics with BIAS, EQ knob and VU meter on the front according to the tape separate adjustment table. Therefore, linearity and frequency characteristics can be set to the best state.
4) Adoption of microphone attenuator
Because it has an attenuator switch that attenuates by 12 dB, it can switch according to the sensitivity and usage condition of the microphone so you can record a microphone with a good SN ratio and a wide dynamic range.
In addition, since the margin of the microphone amplifier is 55 dB in any case, it is rare that it saturates with the amplifier.
5) Level meter of peak / VU instruction switching type adopted
Since it is switched to the peak indication and the VU instruction by the level meter changeover switch, it becomes very easy to set the optimum recording level. (Peak maximum indication + 13 dB)


    Detailed design

    1) Safe design by rotation detection mechanism of reel motor shaft
    Since it does not hurt the tape, even if you push the play button during fast forward or rewind, it will not play. It is designed to prevent playback / recording unless the tape (reel motor) stops.
    2) Photoelectric tape end sensor
    When tape running is finished, the mechanism is automatically stopped by photoelectric tape end sensor.
    3) 4 track playback is also possible
    Since 4 track reproduction head is installed, 4 track tapes can also be played by the head housing changeover switch.
    4) Mixing of microphone circuit and line input circuit is possible



      3 motor · 2 speed · stereo open tape deck
      Used motor

      • For capstans: 6 pole out rotor type AC servomotor 1 piece
      • For reel: 2 6-pole AC servo motors

      Drive system

      • Capstan part: Direct drive by AC servo · 2 capstan drive with capstan and sub capstan
      • Reel portion: Tape, tension, servo drive by AC servomotor

      Track type and head

      • 2 tracks · 2 channels
      • Recording head (sendust)
      • Playhead (Sendust)
      • Erase head (ferrite)
      • 4 tracks · 2 channels
      • Playhead (Sendust)

      Reel diameter used: Max No. 10 (27) Shape
      Used semiconductor

      • Mechanism part: 39 transistors, 63 diodes
      • Amplifier section: 57 transistors, 26 diodes

      Tape speed: 38 cm / s, 19 cm / s
      Tape speed variation: 0.2% or less (Difference in tape speed between winding start and winding end of each reel of 10 · 7 · 5)
      Tape speed deviation: Within ± 0.5%
      Tape end detection: Photo sensor type
      Change in tape tension

      • With recording and playing: Within 20 g
      • Fast forward and rewind: Within 40 g

      (With respect to the change in winding diameter from the outermost periphery of 10" reel to the innermost periphery of 5" reel on both winding side and supply side)
      Fast winding time: Within 10" Reel 740 m within 2 minutes
      Wow · flutter

      • 38 cm / s 0.02% wrms or less
      • 19 cm / s 0.025% wrms or less

      Rising characteristic

      • 38 cm / s within 0.9 sec
      • 19 cm / s within 0.4 sec

      (Time from startup until way / flutter falls within specified value)
      Overall frequency characteristic

      • 38 cm / s 30 to 30 kHz ± 2 dB
      • 19 cm / s 20 to 20 kHz ± 2 dB

      Recording bias: Approximately 200 kHz (bias amount + 40% to - 40% adjustable)
      Channel separation: 55 dB or more (2 tracks 1 kHz)

      • Line -22 dB (VR maximum) 100 kΩ unbalance
      • Microphone - 72 dB (ATT OFF) - 60 dB (ATT ON) 50 kΩ unbalance


      • Line standard output level 0 dBm (0 VU 0.755 V) Output impedance 100 Ω or less, load impedance 600 Ω or more
      • Headphone compatible load impedance 8 Ω

      Overall harmonic distortion ratio: 0.5% or less at the 1 kHz reference level (using Scotch 206)
      Overall S / N

      • 66 dB or more for maximum recording level (514 pwb / mm)
      • 58 dB or more against the reference recording level (200 pwb / mm)

      Power supply AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz
      Power consumption 130 W
      Dimensions / Weight
      Drive section: 505 (W) x 420 (H) x 310 (D) (mm) 27 kg
      Amplifier section: 490 (W) x 180 (H) x 330 (D) (mm) 8.5 kg

      Dedicated for Japan market only. Is very well known that the Japanese brands kept the best / higher specifications machines for domestic market. It comes with one pro step down transformer 230V to 100V / 250 VA. All functions runs smooth as supposed to. Play and Record functions are per Denon factory specifications. Aesthetically: 9.9/10, presenting small marks, barely visible. All heads are like new. Overall, extremely low hours of usage, very well preserved

      Accessories included:

      1 pair of professional original VIF U.S.A. NAB HUB adapters 

      1 step down transformer 230V to 100V (Japan) @ 250 VA


      The machine is ready to use it, plug & play.


      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crates.

      PRICE: POA



      Pioneer RT-2022 Professional Stereo Tape Recorder, 1/4", 2-track 2-channel

      Professional Stereo Tape Recorder, 1/4", 2-track 2-channel



      The Pioneer RT-2022 is a professional tape recorder system.

      This professional grade tape deck was the most expensive open reel deck Pioneer ever made. Introduced in late 1976, they utilised the RTU 11/2T transport unit and either one or two TAU 11 pre-amplifiers. They were, of course designed for 10½" reels and could record and play back at both 7½ ips and 15 ips. 

      Is equipped with three heads, two-track heads with two channels.

      Was considerably larger than the other open reel decks in the Pioneer line. The RT-2022 measured 18¼" w x 21¾" h x 10¾" d and weighed over 62 pounds. 

      Features include 2-tracks, 2-channels, 3 motors, capstan drive, 38 and 19 cm/sec speeds, separate read unit and separate record and playback amplifiers.



      • Track system: 2-track, 2-channel, stereo system
      • Heads: 1 x playback, 1 x record, 1 x erase
      • Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan
      • Reel size: up to 10.5 inch reel
      • Equalization: NAB, IEC
      • Tape speeds: 7 1⁄2 and 15 ips
      • Wow and flutter: 0.04% (15 ips)
      • Frequency response: 30Hz to 28kHz (15 ips)
      • Signal to Noise Ratio: 60dB
      • Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%
      • Crosstalk: 60dB
      • Input: 34mV (line), 0.11mV (mic)
      • Output: 0.45V (line)
      • Dimensions: 460 x 552 x 274mm
      • Weight: 28.5kg

      The system consists in two units:

      RTU-11 transport unit and
      TAU-11 amplifier unit


      Accessories included:

      1 pair original Pioneer NAB HUB adapters 

      1 hard copy of the Manual

      1 step down transformer 230V to 100V (Japan) @ 250 VA

      The machine is ready to use it, plug & play

      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crates

      PRICE: POA




      Professional CD Player / Recorder Studer D741

      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate.

      PRICE: POA



      AKAI GX646

      REEL to reel akai gx646

      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate

      PRICE: POA



      AKAI GX747

      REEL to reel akai gx747

      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate

      PRICE: POA



      revox b77 mkii

      REEL to reel revox b77 mkii

      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate

      PRICE: POA



      Sony TC-765

      REEL to reel sony tc-765

      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate

      PRICE: POA



      teac x-10r

      REEL to reel teac x-10r

      Shipping worldwide ensured. Customized wooden crate

      PRICE: POA

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