Vinyl record restoration

There’s nothing quite like vinyl records; hold a record in your hands and you can’t fail to be transported to simpler times. And the value of vinyl records goes way beyond the financial; this is why you need to maintain them and take excellent care of them.

By the nature of the material, vinyl records attract dust, by electrostatic charge. And due to metal particles, they’ll also start to get magnetized over time.

For me, restoring precious vinyl records is a labor of love that I always enjoy. Here’s how it works.

Using a specialist piece of machinery, we gently clean the record. This works by pumping liquid across the entire surface of the record (of course the inner label is sealed for protection), whereupon the liquid goes deep into the grooves of the record to collect dust and other particles. This is then vacuumed to release the record of any dust and grime.

For records that aren’t so badly affected, I jump to ultrasonic washing as step two. The record is submerged into liquid and a generator produces ultrasonic sounds that create millions of microscopic bubbles. The diameter of these bubbles is smaller than the grooves, and by cavity phenomena they penetrate the groves, removing and trace of the finest dust and dirt particles. At the end, two fans gently blow air to dry the record.

Another dedicated machine works to demagnetize the record, and we’ll then discharge the record of any electrostatic charges. If the record is not entirely flat, we put it through a flattening process to regain its original form.

Once all of this is complete, your record will receive a professional, anti-static inner sleeve that is used to archive the record for life. This sleeve will be inserted into your original record cover for storage. As a final touch, I recommend a transparent, resalable envelope to protect the record from the sun, dust and so on.

Throughout the process your record will be extremely gently handled with absolute care and respect. It will be delivered to you personally by me, or via a trusted courier.