The Audiophile's Clinic is designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience. To do your set-up justice, you need an experience acoustic engineer at your side - someone just as obsessed with sound as you are.

My name is Petronel and I admit it: I'm a music geek.

I remember like yesterday the moment that I was first touched by music. I was listening on the radio to Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk. It was back in 1977 and I was just 11 years old. I was transformed – and this was the point of no return for my addiction to music.

Fortunately for me, those were the golden years for music and the music industry as a whole. Digital wasn’t on our radars yet and everything was still in analogue: reel tapes, records, compact cassettes (which somehow seem more outdated than vinyl these days) and AM/FM radio.

I graduated technical college, and specialized in electronics to gain an understanding of how all of the equipment works when the musical masterpieces of our time were recorded and produced. The process of creating sound fascinated me and I was thirsty for more.

After college I finished Polytechnic Institute and gained a diploma as an Electronic Engineer. Starting with my first year of my studies at Polytechnic Institute, I volunteered at a record studio and got involved in everything. From arranging microphones for musicians to capturing music on magnetic tape, mixing and editing right down to the final stages of pressing a record. It was at that studio that I became familiar with brands such as Nagra, Studer, Sennheiser and the like.

This experience led me to study acoustics, and shortly after I gained my qualifications as an Acoustic Engineer. My life became dedicated to understanding the principals of creating, recording and reproducing music.

Music has evolved significantly from that day back in 1977 and of course these days even the humble CD is pretty much obsolete. But no matter how you listen to your music – digital, analogue or via streaming, it’s essential that you have the right set up and right audio equipment to do your music justice. It’s not about the flashiest brands or most expensive gear – it’s about truly understanding how it all works and creating the perfect environment for sound to come to life.

I feel disappointed by many of the high street stores that have high price tags and offer little value in return. It’s frustrating that they’ll sell you an expensive piece of equipment and leave you to figure out the set up on your own – because setting it up correctly is a skill and requires so much more thought than just plugging in a cable.

I created the Audiophile’s Clinic to service those who love music just as much as I do – those who have a desire to immerse themselves in music, no matter whether their preference is for vinyl, streaming or something in between. For those who have struggled to find somewhere where you can geek out with a fellow music lover who just Gets It, I hope you’ll feel in good company.