Equipment maintenance and repair

It’s a simple fact that if your equipment isn’t properly maintained, not only will it deteriorate in quality, but it’ll also lose value. Whether you’re looking to maintain the condition of vintage equipment or much newer, modern gear, taking proper care of your audio equipment will repay you with a consistently brilliant sound experience.

On vintage equipment such as reels to reels, turntables, cassette decks, amplifiers and tuners, two types of maintenance are required:


We have to maintain, clean and demagnetize the tape path. Bearings and moving parts play a huge role in mechanical stability. On turntables, everything has to be balanced, at every angle, with precise tracking force and VAT. The speed of the platter should be very close to standard 33, 45 or 78RPM.


Passive components, particularly the electrolytic capacitors become dry over time. This will affect the sound on the play/record, or both. The technology used for production of passive and active components is quite old, and so we find that using high-grade modern electronic components will bring more accuracy to the sound and will create a closer touch to the initial producer specification.

Modern equipment also has to be maintained and revitalized to ensure quality of sound.

At the end of the process comes the most important part; calibration, for play and record. I’ll fix, repair, maintain and revitalize any audio gear – vintage or modern – either at your home or in my laboratory.