You’ve done your research. You’ve read the magazines, the blogs, the reviews and you’ve carefully selected the equipment based on what you’ve learnt. And yet you’re not quite achieving the sound that you want. You want to get the most from your audio system, and you could really do with the support of someone who knows their equipment inside out.

In order to reach the nirvana of your music system, we have to work collaboratively. The first step is for us to understand your listening environment, starting with your listening space, your own audio equipment and get to that sweet spot where you can fully enjoy your music.

We’ll then look at whether the environment can be improved, and how. This is a very interactive process, and we’ll work as a team to get the best possible results. I find that working in partnership with my clients, genuine friendships form as together we’ll discover more and more about our shared passion for music. I delight in the opportunity to obsess over every last detail in creating the perfect sound for you, and you’ll benefit from getting a better sound quality than you thought possible, without breaking the bank.

If we decide that you need new gear or an entire system, we’ll look at how to invest your money. The audio market is rife with marketing terms designed to lure in unsuspecting consumers and have them part with vast wads of cash. When you have the benefit of someone at your side that understand the technology behind the brand names, you’ll be able to invest smart in the right gear, safe in the knowledge that you’ve spent wisely on equipment that should appreciate in value over time.

Once your equipment and set up are perfect, we’ll look to recover part of your investment by achieving a good price on the sale of your unwanted gear. With my connections within the industry and discrete approach, I’ll work on your behalf to ensure a smooth process to sell the equipment you no longer need, leaving you free to relax and revel in sound.