Sound rooms

I’ve seen lots of people invest a small fortune in audio gear – in cables, speakers and other auxiliary equipment, only to find that the results are far from what they expected.

The reason for this is simple: they overlooked integration. For the best results, audio equipment must be carefully integrated to the audio chain without any trace of interference and without any particular fingerprint. One major factor in this entire is the acoustics within your listening space.

By assessing your space, we can establish the maximum acoustic that can be reached and plan how to achieve the highest quality of sound. We’ll work with natural materials such as wood or artificial ones such as foam, whilst also considering the furniture of the room – curtains, bookcases and so on. We’ll decide whether the shape and landscape of the room needs to change, either by adding special fittings to improve the acoustics or by altering the layout. Of course we need to consider aesthetics as much as the functional purposes of the room, and we’ll work together to ensure that within your listening space, nothing but the purest sound will be enjoyed.