Audio transfer

Consider this: you have at home the best sound system in the world, yet spend most of your listening time on the go, playing music through equipment which is far inferior. How much time are you able to enjoy quality listening, versus time spent listening to music on the train, tube or in the car? Audio transfer can help you take your music anywhere.

There are loads of portable players on the market (I can help you choose some excellent options), with great headphones, portable music players and portable amplifiers. But what if your favorite music is in a format incompatible with your portable player?

Don’t worry. I’ll transfer your music, from any format (analogue or digital) to any media supported by your digital portable player. Using the most advanced software (.wav, DSD, you name it), without losing the organic warmth from the original sound.

If you have music on a platform no longer supported, I offer a music transfer service. The source can be any format: reel tape (mono, 2 tracks, 4 tracks), record, compact disc, cassette, minidisc, digital audio tape, digital compact cassette, hard drive, SACD, CD etc.

If you want to transfer your record, you can choose from two different technologies:

  • Classic turntable – professional, direct drive, RIAA correction, with different cartridges depending on your records age or
  • Laser turntable – where laser beams are used to guide and read the grooves of the record

All equipment involved in the transfer process are studio standard, professionally calibrated and guaranteed to get the exact sound you desire.