Buying the right equipment is one thing. Installing it correctly is quite another, yet can be the difference between that beautiful, rich sound and a bit of a car crash.

You’ll no doubt have spent a lot of time deliberating over your precious audio gear (not to mention the hours pondering over whether you’ll get it past your wife…), and so making sure it delivers, and then exceeds your expectations is essential.

It’s time to integrate your new equipment into your audio chain, and for that you need my knowledge, expertise and skill to get everything just right. From audio connection between the source and preamplifier, from amplifier to loudspeakers, we’ll work in partnership to get everything just so.

You and I will go through each step, one piece of equipment at a time, to get the maximum from each link in the chain. We’ll select the right materials, position, connecting cables and so on to get the best sound possible from your investment.

As with everything I do, the process is collaborative. If you’ve been stung by the sorts of technicians who simply plug something in and call it good, you’ll recognize how vital it is to have someone at your side to work with you.

Interested? Drop me a line and let's talk.